Deep Learning Training Options

Our fast paced, hands-on courses help you quickly get up to speed with deep learning concepts and techniques. You'll get valuable real world information and an opportunity to discuss specific issues and applications that interest you.

The information was stellar. ... The notebooks were well put together and very informative as well. I will be saving these for future reference.

I would definitely recommend this workshop. ... I feel that it prepared me enough to go out and experiment with these methods on my own.

Awesome presentation! ... You had a great way to focus on the important aspects and I could see this expanding to other topics.

Choose the option that fits your needs.

Keras and TensorFlow Workshop

A short 2 or 4 hour hands-on introductory overview of deep learning, its strengths and applicability.

Keras and TensorFlow Course

A longer 1 or 2 day hands-on introduction to the details of deep learning for developers interested in building their own models.

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