How to Run a Successful Mastermind Group

A mastermind group can help you focus your energy on that tough project or startup.

Clojure Web Development

An online Clojure web development study group

Building a Single Page App with ClojureScript, Reagent and Friends

We used CLJS, Reagent, Figwheel, re-frame to build a simple working single page app to discuss related concepts.

Random Forests At Scale

Slides and Code from a recent workshop in Portland. Random Forests ensemble method for classification and regression. Creates multiple decision trees and combines individual predictions into one overall prediction.

Intro to Programming Games with Clojure

Learn the basics of computer programming by making games! This 2 hour workshop will give you an introduction and overview to programming, programming with Clojure and developing simple games.

9 Ways To Monetize Your IOS App

This is a beginner's guide to monetizing your iPhone App. Writing this article has helped me clarify my thinking, and hopefully it will stimulate you with ideas that you will share so that we all benefit.