Faster More Reliable Custom Software

Julio BarrosDo you have a critical business app that is slow, unresponsive or crashes?

You may have an important Ruby or Python application that has served you well but is starting to fall over due to growth. Maybe it runs really slowly, crashes often or has tasks that never complete and keeping it up gets harder and harder. You’ve already upgraded your servers and it helped for a little while but its not going to get you where you want to be.

You may not be sure if its the database that needs the most attention or the service workers on the job queue that would give you the most ROI. And of course you can’t stand the idea of rewriting the app and anyway your engineers are busy with other work.

You may not need to rewrite the whole thing.

Most of it is probably working perfectly fine and its just a small part that needs attention. I can analyze your app and architecture, make concrete recommendations and together we can figure out what makes sense for you.

  1. Analysis of real production data – so we know what will make a difference.
  2. Custom roadmap for incremental changes to stabilize the system.
  3. Easy to implement recommendations with help if desired.

Stop worrying about your app and start making it more responsive and reliable today. Send me an email or give me a call (877) 565-6346.

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