Prompts by E-String

Prompts by E-string

The key to mastering Prompting is staying organized.

Are you spending too much time trying to come up with and then remember effective prompts for AI models like ChatGPT, MidJourney, and others?

Prompts by E-String provides an intuitive interface that helps you craft, manage, and execute AI prompts seamlessly. We empower you to get the most out of your AI interactions, whether you're an AI hobbyist, professional, or a corporate team.

Create and manage a list of prompt templates that you can fill out and use over and over again. The app generates an easy to fill out form for each prompt template that you can use to create a prompt for any situation. When you are ready to use a prompt, the app generates the prompt and copies it to the pasteboard so you can paste it into any generative app such as the ChatGPT app or any web page.


  • Favorites list so you can save and remember the prompts that work the best for you.
  • Template completion so you don't have to type out the entire prompt each time.
  • Editor to create new prompts and edit old ones.
  • List of new prompts, available for download, updated regularly and spark ideas for new uses.
  • Private so all your prompts stay on your phone until you choose to use them on a public service.
  • Share your prompts with others through messages or email.
A list of prompts

Prompt Templates

The prompt templates of have fields for information denoted by curly braces like this {CONCEPT} which can be filled in for each prompt use. Fields with any lower case values, like this {high school student}, provide a default value ('high school student' in this case) and all {UPPERCASE} fields have no default value and must be filled out on each use.

Once you've filled in the fields press the "Generate and Copy" button and the filled out prompt is copied to the pasteboard. From there you can paste it into any generative app you like.

A limited number of prompts can be managed for free and an in app purchase subscription unlocks the ability to add any number of other prompts.

Streamline Your AI Prompting Today

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