Occasionally people reach out to me asking for advice or help with machine learning and/or software development. Common questions include:

I'm happy to help with these questions to the extent that I can and can often answer quick questions in a short email.

Sometimes questions are more nuanced or require a more in depth discussion or discovery session.

Here’s how a discovery session works:

  1. We schedule a time to talk
  2. We discuss the business problem and available data
  3. We form the business problem as a machine learning questions
  4. We develop a strategy to gather and process data
  5. We develop a strategy to develop a model to make the predictions you need
  6. We develop a plan to deploy that model so you can use it in production
  7. We develop a schedule to update and maintain that model as your business needs grow and change.


Happy to hear it. I look forward to speaking with you. Please get in touch.