The Three Laws of Agentic AI Systems

OpenAI recently came out with a paper titled "Practices for Governing Agentic AI Systems" introduced in the post at

It feels like it is meant to push forward the conversation on Agents and get many of the issues down in black and white. It is not a hard paper to read so I suggest you give it a shot if at all interested.

A couple of interesting points include the framework for describing AI agents and their "agenticness" including:

  • Goal complexity
  • Environmental complexity
  • Adaptability
  • Independent execution

And their "Practices for Keeping Agentic AI Systems Safe and Accountable" which include:

  • Evaluating Suitability for the Task
  • Constraining the Action-Space and Requiring Approval
  • Setting Agents’ Default Behaviors
  • Legibility of Agent Activity (note they don't say explainability)
  • Automatic Monitoring
  • Attributability
  • Interruptibility and Maintaining Control

All in all a good overview that highlights key issues. There will be a lot of research in this area and the blog post mentions a new grant program for studying agentic AI systems practices.

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