Custom GPTs and Teams

OpenAI recently announced a "ChatGPT for Teams" plan to go along with their previous Plus and Enterprise plans as well as opening their Custom GPT store. Similar to the enterprise plan, with the teams plan they won't train on your data and conversations.

I'm still pretty unsure about the current version of the GPT store. They're primarily package a custom prompt but the prompts and uploaded data have not been particularly secure to date and successful ones can easily be copied. The main moat would be if you used an API call (action) to some proprietary data or processing. We'll see if there is enough uptake to make it a viable business to create public GPTs.

What is interesting though, is that you can now mark GPTs as internal only so that you can share them only with other people on your team. This I think is huge and will be an easy way for small teams to start developing intricate standardized GPT powered workflows.

What do you think? Are you planning on writing a custom GPT for your team? I'd love to hear what use cases you've found.

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