Marketing and Business Process Automation

Engage with your visitors, prospects, trial users and customers.

You've worked hard to start the conversation. Make sure you keep it going with automated marketing and business processes.

Don't let people fall through the cracks.

Tired of juggling a bunch of spreadsheets or different systems? Lets talk about ways to integrate your systems and databases so you can:

  • find the information you need
  • know what step your in
  • know what action needs to happen next
  • trigger actions automatically


Email Marketing

  • Develop newsletters to engage visitors.
  • Design drip campaigns and life cycle emails to nurture and educate prospective customers and trial users.
  • Implement re-activation campaigns to prompt past, non-responsive, or expired users to re-engage with your business.

Automation and Integration

  • Use integration tools to automate key business processes.
  • No need to manually check various system regularly.
  • Set them up to notify you or talk to each other.
  • No more copy and paste between systems.

Custom Development and Training

  • Need something more involved? We can develop custom code to move and process data for your business.
  • Learn how to use integration tools to set up your own workflows.
  • No process too small or too large to consider.
  • Stop wasting time doing things manually or leaving them undone.
Monica BorrellCEO

Julio was able to convert our very manual and haphazard process of communicating with new trial users to a systematic, automated drip email campaign. Julio thinks strategically and implements thoughtfully and efficiently. I am very happy with the results we received.


A short session with Julio gave me clarity and insight on the life cycle emails I needed to focus on my customers.


... offered me a very clear perspective on what my website and online marketing efforts were and were not doing successfully. Not only did he give me great ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of my website and marketing, he took the time to really understand my specific business and target audience.

How It Works

1) Discovery interview: After you get in touch we'll have a short discovery interview to learn about your business and goals and decide if we're a good fit.

2) Strategic consultation: In depth consultation where we go over you goals and what I've been able to learn about your online presence. We'll then review a list of possible traction channels to see which make most sense for your specific situation and goals.

3) Implement approaches to grow your business: Devise custom plan to implement, automate and optimize the approaches we believe are most likely to grow your business.

Lets talk about your business

I’m available for a limited number of consultations and would love to learn more about your business.

I promise to listen to your situation and goals, give them careful consideration and provide helpful, actionable, personalized, targeted advice focused on growing your business.

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