Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science and Machine Learning

This is an introduction to data science and machine learning using Python for experienced developers. Though there are many great languages with vibrant machine learning eco-systems (R, Julia, etc) Python holds a special sweet spot for machine learning and data science.

This hands on course focuses on getting your Python skills and knowledge of the machine learning landscape up to speed as quickly as possible. It is similar to the Intro to Python for Machine Learning but more in depth and participants are expected to be comfortable programming in Python.

Participants will receive copies of the slides and all the course materials.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of machine learning, what it can be used for and how to take advantage of the possibilities.
  • Interactive Python with Jupyter lab/notebooks
  • Intro to Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib
  • scikit-learn overview
  • The machine learning process

    • Defining the problem
    • Performance metrics
    • Gathering data
    • Training
    • Model evaluation
  • Hands on project

    • Linear and logistic regression
    • Decision trees
    • Ensemble methods
  • Intro to deep learning / neural nets
  • Explainability

This course can be given live or online. Please contact me for availability, pricing and details

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