Clojure Web Development

Many people are interested in learning Clojure and ClojureScript and using it for web development.

Luckily the book "Web Development with Clojure: Build Bulletproof Web Apps with Less Code" by Dmitri Sotnikov 2nd Edition is now in Beta at PragProg. The book is a great place to start with all the various options we have with Clojure web development and I'm proposing we try a flipped classroom style online study group.


Lets meet on line (possibly in a Google hangout) once a week for the next four weeks and discuss different parts of the book. We'll do the book in order:

  • Week 1 Chapters
    • 1 - Getting Your Feet Wet,
    • 2 - Clojure Web Stack
    • 3 - Luminus Architecture
  • Week 2 Chapters
    • 4 - Add ClojureScript
    • 5 - Real-time Messaging With WebSockets
  • Week 3 Chapters
    • 6 - Writing RESTful Web Services
    • 7 - Database Access
  • Week 4 Chapters
    • 8 - Picture Gallery
    • 9 - Finishing Touches

Appendix A1 is a Clojure Primer that you can review prior to the sessions to to do the exercises.

How will this work?

Before each meeting you'll read the chapters do the exercises and take note of any questions, issues and interesting facts you've discovered. Each week we'll meet online. I'll do a quick overview of the materials to set the stage and then we can start asking and answering related questions.

Why not just read the book on your own?

That's certainly a good option. My hope is that this will help people learn quicker and better by giving them a space to ask questions. And even if you are comfortable learning on your own I'm sure you'll learn even more by answering questions.

When is this?

After studying the prefered times and what fits into my schedule I've decided to do 2 separate but concurrent 4 week sessions. One will be Wednesdays at 8pm (PST) and the other Thursdays at 8am (PST) starting the week of Feb 17. So thats: [thrive_text_block color="dark" headline="Sessions have been filled."] These sessions have been filled. If you are interested in getting information on future sessions please join the mailing list below and I'll send out info on any future sessions as it becomes available.  Thanks.   [/thrive_text_block] Session 1 - Wednesdays 8pm - 9pm PST

  1. Feb 17 - Chapters 1-3
  2. Feb 24 - Chapters 4-5
  3. March 2 - Chapters 6-7
  4. March 9 - Chapters 8-9

Session 2 - Thursdays 8am - 9am PST

  1. Feb 18 - Chapters 1-3
  2. Feb 25 - Chapters 4-5
  3. March 3 - Chapters 6-7
  4. March 10 - Chapters 8-9

I'll send out more information to the mailing list on how to sign up and how exactly we will meet on line. If anyone has suggestions for a large group (I'd like to allow as many attendees as possible) conferencing system please let me know. There may (possibly) be more sessions depending on how everything goes. So if you want to get information on future sessions please sign up to the list below. Thanks.

So who are you?

My name is Julio Barros. I’ve been a developer for > 20 years. Started out C/C++ moved to Java, then Objective-C when the iPhone came out plus some Python, JS, etc. along the way. Last few years I’ve been almost exclusively Clojure and ClojureScript. During that time I taught a night class at a University, professionally a few times for training companies and on my own (mostly iOS) in public and private classes for companies. I’ve done a few free workshops on iOS and then Clojure topics in NYC and Portland, OR. I'm far from an expert but I like to teach what I do know and enjoy and help others learn what they are interested in.

Why are you doing this?

I love teaching and want to help everyone learn more about technology and programming. I lead the Clojure PDX meetup group and am often asked about web development and other topics friendly to newer Clojure programmers. This session is free and right now its the only one I'm planning. Though you never know. If its super popular we may do it again and may expand to paid topics and sessions. No matter what, you are under no obligations. So if you are interested sign up below and I'll send info as it comes together. Thanks. Julio PS. Oh, and thanks for your patience as I try to work out all the logistics.

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