AI/ML Unconference

We're hosting an unconference focused on finding ways to use AI and machine learning to improve the lives of everyone in the community on October 19, 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are predicted to affect aspects of every business, government agency and organization. In order to understand, better use and control these technologies and changes. We ran a similar event a year and a half ago and everyone got a lot out of it. Many things have changed since then and many issues are the same. Let's figure out where we stand.

Lets discuss ways to ensure the effects are positive and improve the lives of all individuals.

This one day unconference will foster local AI and ML innovation and sustainable application development with the open exchange of information, ideas and learning.

Unlike most conferences, at un-conferences, there are no pre-planned presentations or schedules. The day is organized around fostering conversations around the topics you find most interesting and important.

All participants are invited and encouraged to participate, propose, lead and contribute to discussions on AI and ML topics such as:

  • the basics and technical aspects of AI and ML
  • practical everyday uses of AI/ML
  • advanced uses of AI/ML and running models in production
  • getting started with AI/ML in your business or organization
  • using AI for good
  • ethical considerations
  • security and privacy in our future world
  • implications of general/super AI
  • algorithm and modeling tips and techniques
  • programming languages and libraries such as sklearn and TensorFlow
  • ... and whatever else you are interested in

Do you have AI/ML questions that others can answer or have special skills you can share with others?

Together, we'll create an unconference agenda that delivers actionable, insightful information that you can apply to your career, company and community.

How Does It Work?

We kick off with informal networking, opening remarks, outline the process, then dive into building the day's agenda around your needs, interests, and areas of expertise.

The process roughly works like this:

  • attendees present their ideas for topics
  • we vote on them to gauge number of participants
  • then craft a schedule to accommodate the expected audience
  • you attend the sessions that interest you and are free to leave them anytime they don't meet your expectations.

This is not a sales event and pitch focused presentations will not be tolerated. If a talk does not meet your expectations you are encouraged to vote with your feet and find a better discussion.

Who should attend?

If you took the time to read through all of this, then YOU SHOULD ATTEND!

The event is open to anyone with an interest in the topic whether you are student, developer, data scientist, manager, business owner, activist, organizer or just interested member of society.


We're still working on all the details and will be announcing them soon. Sign up below and we'll send you the info as soon as it is available.