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Swift Language Learning Resources

Swift is Apple’s brand new language for writing iOS and OS X apps. Opinions vary but it is likely to be with us for a long time. You may not need to write your next app in it yet but when you are ready to learn more these are some good resources.Continue reading

How to create a simple game using Sprite Kit : Rebuilding AppForCats

Ladybugs from AppForCats

Ladybugs from AppForCats

Back in early 2010 I wrote a very simple app called AppForCats At the time I did it with pure UIKit which meant I had to:

  • code my own game loop using timers
  • move my characters manually
  • do my own animations by manually changing images
  • do my own collision detection
  • do my own gravity calculations
  • handle all sounds with an AVPlayer

Now all of this can be done much quicker and simpler using Sprite Kit, a 2D graphics and rendering system built into iOS 7. Sprite Kit is specifically designed to support animations, sounds, physics and particle systems to help you quickly and easily develop fun games. In this intro we’ll talk about the basic concepts and then build a very simple game together based on AppForCats to show the various steps involved.

AppForCats Available on the AppStore

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Updating Your Apps To iOS 7

I’m really excited about the iOS 7 announcement at WWDC. We didn’t get everything we wanted or expected but we did get the ability to transfer apps and a preview of the polarizing new iOS. I admit that I was underwhelmed at first but after careful thought I now see that iOS 7 is a major change that runs much deeper than just appearance.Continue reading